Johnson | Cook | Yates

Jawl Residential is in the rezoning and development application stage for this 1.77 acre parcel of land bordered by Johnson, Cook and Yates Streets

  • Partners:  In partnership with Nadar Holdings Ltd.
  • Status:  Applications Submitted to City of Victoria
  • Neighbourhood:  Harris Green
  • Location:  1025-1031 Johnson Street - 1050 Yates Street
  • Building Type:  Mixed-use / Public Safety
  • Contact:

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Frequently asked questions

What is being proposed?

The vision for this site is to develop a master-planned community that incorporates the best of city design principles and includes a smart mix of housing, commercial and retail spaces. The proposal, which requires a rezoning process, includes four buildings that will create a sense of place, maximize light and view corridors and add vibrancy to the Harris Green neighbourhood.

The first phase includes a proposed 12-storey building that will be home to Victoria’s new state-of-the-art fire hall and emergency operations centre. It also includes two levels of underground parking, 130 rental homes and office space. The subsequent phases propose 14, 15 and 17 storey buildings, an average street level set back of 2.5 meters and a 250m2 public plaza along Yates Street.

How will the fire hall impact neighbours?

The Victoria Fire Department has worked closely with our development team on a design and operations plan for the new fire-hall and emergency operations centre. Traffic and noise will be mitigated through a variety of strategies that will also improve responsiveness and efficiency between fire and ambulance services in the City of Victoria. Feedback on these plans from downtown neighbours has been very positive.

Has there been public consultation?

Since announcing our agreement with the City of Victoria to build a new fire hall in March of 2018, we have been consulting with the downtown community and developing plans for the building design and master plan. We have spent nine months consulting with the community and presented an overview of our proposal at a Community Meeting facilitated by the Downtown Residents Association the Community Association Land Use Committee on July 31, 2018 and our application was formally submitted September 17th, 2018. We always welcome further questions and input from the public, and can be reached by email at

What feedback has been received to date?

We have received significant input and feedback from various stakeholders. In addition to questions about the operation of the fire hall, we have heard common themes that relate to parking, building heights & separation and public open space. Our application responds by proposing:

  • Parking in accordance with the City’s current parking requirements with no variance. The first phase will have 116 parking stalls for use by occupants of the building and the public. The balance of the development will provide parking in accordance with the City of Victoria Schedule C Parking Bylaw.
  • Height, setbacks and building separation that meets or exceeds the standards set out in the Downtown Core Area Plan to create a sense of place, maximize light and view corridors and add vibrancy to the Harris Green neighbourhood
  • A 250m2 public plaza along Yates Street
What’s happening with Pacific Mazda?

Pacific Mazda will stay right where it is for quite some time. The City of Victoria’s new fire hall will be the first phase of a long-term plan for this site.

What’s next?

Rezoning and development permit applications for this project were made to the City of Victoria in the fall of 2018. To date, the applications have been reviewed by staff and the City of Victoria’s Advisory Design Panel, a committee of experts who provide advice to Council on the design merits of developments. We are pleased to confirm that the rezoning and development permit applications were recommended by Advisory Design Panel to be approved by council as presented on November 28, 2018.  The applications are continuing through the City of Victoria processes for zoning and development.

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